Teeth Whitening

Chandler cosmetic dentist Dr. Troy Gombert can use teeth whitening to make your teeth look younger. Teeth whitening can improve your smile dramatically and inexpensively.

Parkside Dental Health offers two types of teeth whitening procedures to brighten your smile. You can choose one of our take-home professional whitening kits, or select an in-office procedure utilizing hydrogen peroxide activated by a specialized light system.

Chandler Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

bleaching traysTake-home teeth whitening kits use a whitening tray custom-made for your mouth, accompanied by prescription-strength whitening gel available only from a dentist.

Dr. Gombert will start with an examination. He needs to make sure there are no defective fillings, open cavities, or undue sensitivity in the teeth. After the examination, we take impressions of your teeth to fabricate custom-fitted bleaching trays.

The trays are thin, soft, flexible, and are made specifically for your teeth. The trays are made to hold the prescription strength whitening gel against the tooth while keeping it away from the gum tissue.

Whitening kits allow anyone to have the confidence a bright smile can provide. They remain the most cost-effective method of brightening your smile. Parkside Dental Health will provide you with all the instructions you need on how to use your kit effectively.

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