Mini Implants

Should you get dental implants or mini dental implants? Here we explain the benefits and drawbacks for each procedure.

The main advantage of mini implants is their cost. They are a much more affordable method of stabilizing a complete denture than the use of standard implants. They are easier to place, and faster, and there are fewer complications. All of this translates into a lower cost for you.

Some patients find that standard implants may not even be possible for them. They may be told that there is not enough bone within the gums to support a standard implant. Mini implants can often be the solution in a case like this. They can also often be used to stabilize existing removable dentures. Standard removable dentures can also slip and come loose at awkward moments, as well as cause facial collapse from the lack of bone in the jaw over an extended period of time.

There are other situations in which mini implants can be an option, and Dr. Gombert can guide you through the process of deciding which option is best suited to your needs.

chandler mini implant compare Here you see a mini implant on the right, placed next to a full implant on the left. With its much narrower diameter, it is easier to place and will heal much faster than the full implant.