Sedation Dentistry in Gilbert, Arizona

Did you know that 30% of Americans suffer from anxiety when going to the dentist? Whether it be fear or embarrassment, a large percentage of those who do have this anxiety can attribute it directly to something traumatic they experienced at the dentist's office when they were a child.

fear dentist It may have been caused by a dentist who didn't have novocaine or nitrous oxide, or who was simply insensitive to the fears that many people, especially kids, have about dental appointments.

Regardless of where the fear starts, it can prevent someone from seeking dental care. Whether it's an emergency appointment to treat some type of pain or a regularly scheduled visit to receive standard preventative dental work, Parkside Dental Health and Dr. Troy Gombert offer sedation dentistry to help anxious patients.

Treating Dental Anxiety

Parkside Dental Health and sedation dentist Dr. Gombert have a number of tools that can make fearful dental visits a thing of the past for you. Oral sedation and nitrous oxide can be part of the plan we put in place so that you feel relaxed, comfortable, and confident while you're with us.

Dr. Gombert, a member of DOCS, or the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, is ready to apply his knowledge of sedation dentistry to your case of the dental jitters. You're in good hands.

Treating dental anxiety may involve some of our high-tech procedures, but it begins and ends with genuine concern and respect from our dental team. They have experience with patients who aren't exactly thrilled with going to the dentist. Your comfort and peace of mind are always our priority.

You're welcome to call Parkside Dental Health for a free phone consultation at (480) 899-4308. When you call us, we encourage you to mention any dental anxiety you may have. Dr. Gombert will meet with you in person and explain in detail the steps that will be taken to ensure your comfort during your sedation dentistry appointments.