Dr. Troy Gombert DDS is Chandler AZ’s Cosmetic Dentist

Teeth are something that can be easy to overlook or even take for granted when they are perfectly healthy. When they are not, however, it can be a painful and distressing experience that fortunately Dr. Troy Gombert DDS of Chandler AZ is well suited to fix with any number of cosmetic dental procedures. Cosmetic dentists specialize in repair techniques such as porcelain crowns, dental bridges, porcelain veneers, and teeth whitening services that address any issue you may face concerning your teeth.

If a tooth would come loose, broken, decayed, chipped, or fractured, the best course of action may be to get a dental crown. We will match any cosmetic dental implant to your other teeth, so that it not only feels like your natural tooth but it also looks like it too. Our clients often say that even they cannot tell the difference. Dr. Troy Gombert DDS also specializes in pain reduction, so you can rest assured that any cosmetic dental procedure you receive will as comfortable as possible.

In the event of a missing tooth, the best cosmetic dental option may be a fixed porcelain dental bridge to bridge the gap between teeth when one is missing. Dr. Troy Gombert is very experienced with this procedure, meaning the process will be a pleasant and efficient one! This is a permanent replacement for the missing tooth that will also serve to prevent surrounding teeth from shifting into new positions and causing a new set of problems. In and around Chandler AZ, Dr. Troy Gombert uses fixed porcelain bridges as a solution to tooth problems and a way to create the beautiful smile you always dreamed of!

What kind of Cosmetic Dentist Services Does Dr. Troy Gombert DDS Offer?

Another option is porcelain veneers when you are looking for that perfectly straight white smile in one fell swoop. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded directly on to your front teeth that create a natural smile that you are sure to love. Porcelain veneers help to change the look, shape and color of your teeth to make up the perfect smile.

Another cosmetic dentist service that is very popular is teeth whitening. We’ve all seen Hollywood stars with their perfectly white shining smiles. You can have that same look. Whitening your teeth will not only make your teeth look great, but this simple procedure can elevate your overall appearance and take years off your looks. At the office of Dr. Troy Gombert DDS in Chandler AZ, you have the option to choose between whitening treatments inside our office or DIY whitening programs to do on your own time at home. The choice is yours. Either way, we know you are going to live your bright white new smile! Get in touch today to ask any questions you might have, discover all the available cosmetic dentist services that are available, and schedule your appointment to get going on the road to a dazzling Hollywood smile!