Community Involvement in Chandler, AZ

After years of support from the Chandler and Gilbert, Arizona areas, Dr. Troy Gombert, DDS and staff believe in giving back to the community. That's why we are involved with several different dental-related projects helping folks around the Phoenix area and the world.

Donated Dental Services

DDS, or The Donated Dental Services, serves seniors and disabilities with quality dental care. For those who may be medically fragile or cannot afford, dental care can be a luxury. The DDS has a network of over 15,000 dentists and 3,700 dental labs. Our office donates dental services to disabled, low income, and medically challenged patients in the Phoenix area.

Smile Train

Millions of children in developing countries are born with cleft lips and palates, making eating, breathing and speaking difficult. Furthermore, these children rarely have access to medical treatment for their clefts. The corrective surgery is simple and yields immediate results for those who undergo it. Smile Train uses a sustainable model to provide training, funding and resources to doctors around the world. Our office is one of the many clinics that donate money to this good cause.


The CASS Dental Clinic is a Phoenix-based dental clinic that offers care to homeless children, families and adults. Through the help of volunteers, donations and students, the CASS Dental Clinic opened in 2001 in a dental trailer with 20 volunteer dentists, 15 hygienists and 20 dental labs. We are proud to be some of the volunteers who have donated our time and skills to this organization.

Crown Council

The Crown Council is a collection of cosmetic, sedation, dental implant, general and family dental practitioners dedicated to giving back to their communities. This organization also promotes continuing education for their professionals to deliver better treatment to their patients. With over $24 million dollars donated to children's charities, Dr. Troy Gombert and his staff are proud to be associated with this organization.

The Solid Rock Foundation

Sponsored by rock legend Alice Cooper, the Solid Rock Foundation is a faith-based organization dedicated to uplifting at-risk teens through spiritual, economical, physical, social and artistic means. The most vulnerable teens living in violent, toxic environments are often the last to get help. Through fellowship, music and dance training, this organization helps get kids off the streets and into a positive atmosphere through music, dance and self-expression.