Dr. Troy Gombert DDS Dentistry Appointment FAQ

1. Should I arrive early to my dentistry appointment?

Yes, it is very important to arrive early to your first appointment to ensure that you have enough time to fill out any necessary patient forms.

2. What items to I need to bring to my dental appointment?

  • Your filled-out patient information form, if you’ve already received one.
  • Please bring your dental insurance card if you are insured so that we can bill your insurance.
  • If you are insured and have a co-pay, please bring payment to your appointment.
  • Please bring your valid form of ID which could include your driver's license, military ID or state ID.
  • If you have a patient health history form that is filled out already, please bring this.
  • Your HIPAA consent form, if you need someone other than yourself to access your health information.
  • Filled-out treatment consent form.

3. How should I expect my appointment to appointment last?

Depending on the purpose of your first visit most patients should plan on 1 to 2 hours for their visit.

4. How often should I go in for a dentistry appointment and/or checkup?

It is no surprise that most people do not visit a dentist office for a checkup on a regular basis. Most people end up only going in for dentistry work when they have a problem, or an emergency. Many patients feel they are saving money by only going to the dentist when it is needed, but the truth is that it often ends up costing much more time any money due to long term neglect. Many dental issues come up when patients do not have or do not recognize symptoms like pain or sensitivity until it is too late to prevent issues. One example of this is tooth decay.

Patients often say, "Nothing hurts, or I don't have any dental problems. I don’t need to see a dentist." The big problem is that tooth decay is not usually painful until it gets close to the nerve of the decayed tooth. Unfortunately, it is very common to see patients with huge cavities, yet they have never felt any pain associated with the cavity/tooth decay. Your dentist can usually detect cavities several years before any pain or symptoms arise. Yearly checkups and maintenance will result in early cavity detection and help reduce the need to expensive, major procures such as root canals on damaged teeth.

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