Porcelain Dental Crowns - Chandler, AZ

It's natural for teeth to become stained, cracked or chipped over time. Even if you have excellent dental hygiene, these problems can stem from medications, age or other habits. Thankfully, there's a way to correct these problems in one visit to the dentist. The office of Dr. Troy Gombert D.D.S. provides porcelain crowns for cosmetic and restorative cases across the Chandler, Arizona area.

A crown is simply a tooth-shaped cap that fits directly over your damaged tooth. Though crowns used to be made primarily of metal, recent technology has improved this procedure. Today, you can opt for porcelain crowns that are just as strong and look like natural teeth. With porcelain crowns, we can match the shape, size and color of your original tooth and those near it to look seamless and natural. Once in place, your new crown supports to your original tooth, reduces sensitivity and protects it from further damage.

Should I Get Porcelain Crowns?

The office of Dr. Troy Gombert D.D.S. in Chandler, AZ offers porcelain crowns.

We recommend porcelain crowns for a number of cosmetic and restorative reasons because crowns strengthen and improve your smile. The procedure is quick, painless and covered by many insurance companies. Some of the reasons we recommend crowns include:

  • Extra support for weak or broken teeth
  • Provide a strong barrier for decaying teeth with fillings
  • Keep a dental bridge in place
  • Reform misshapen or discolored teeth
  • Cover a dental implant

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