Smile Enhancement with Porcelain Veneers, Female, Goodyear, AZ

Procedure Details


Smile Design with Veneers

Treatment Goals:

  • Remove old bonding on front teeth
  • Improve Color
  • Feminize Smile


  • 2 Porcelain Veneers
  • Professional Whitening
  • Enamel Recontour


"Dr. Gombert is by far one of the best dentists!  I've been going to him for over 13 years and I couldn't be happier with the service and care he provides.  I recently decided to have veneers placed on my two front teeth.  This was due to a number of factors stemming from old bonding which made me self conscious.  Dr. Gombert took the time to make sure the fit, placement, and look was perfect. His attention to detail is fantastic!  I can't thank him enough for transforming my smile and being there every step of the way!"

note:  all images are property of Dr. Gombert and all work was performed by Dr. Gombert at his Chandler office.


Dr. Troy Gombert

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