Smile Makeover with Porcelain Veneers/Porcelain Crown, Female, CHandler, AZ*

Procedure Details

Kris was referred to us for a cosmetic consultation from one of our local orthodontists. She presented with a single crown on one of her front teeth that resulted from a motorcycle accident when she was a teenager. She was unhappy with the dead look of the crown, the darkening of the gum tissue around the crown, and wanted a new beautiful smile. Kris was an absolute joy to work with; she has an abundance of energy, amazing personality and a beautiful laugh. We reviewed multiple options to deal with the single dark crown, from single replacement to an overall smile makeover. In the end, Kris wanted a more dramatic smile with larger teeth and an overall brighter color. We were able to address her concerns with a porcelain crown replacement in addition to 9 porcelain veneers to give her an extraordinary new smile.

Smile Makeover with Veneers

Treatment Goals:

  • Remove old unattractive crown
  • Change overall contour of front teeth
  • Broaden smile
  • Improve overall color


  • 1 porcelain Crown
  • 9 Porcelain Veneers
  • Professional take home whitening kit for lower teeth
  • Occlusal guard for night time grinding


"Dr. Gombert and the staff at Parkside Dental Health are amazing!  They helped me to feel extremely comfortable my very first visit.  They go above and beyond in customer service!  I love my veneers and my new smile.  Dr. Gombert is very precise and sought perfection for my smile.  He exceeded all my expectations.  Thank you!"  Kris

note:  All images are property of Dr. Gombert and all work was completed by Dr. Gombert at his Chandler, AZ location.


Dr. Troy Gombert

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