Smile Enhancement with Porcelain Veneers/Porcelain Crown, Female, CHandler, AZ*

Procedure Details

Kris was referred to us for a cosmetic consultation from one of our local orthodontists. She presented with a single crown on one of her front teeth that resulted from a motorcycle accident when she was a teenager. She was unhappy with the dead look of the crown, the darkening of the gum tissue around the crown, and wanted a new beautiful smile. Kris was an absolute joy to work with; she has an abundance of energy, amazing personality and a beautiful laugh. We reviewed multiple options to deal with the single dark crown, from single replacement to an overall smile makeover. In the end, Kris wanted a more dramatic smile with larger teeth and an overall brighter color. We were able to address her concerns with a porcelain crown replacement in addition to 9 porcelain veneers to give her an extraordinary new smile.


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