Tooth-Colored Fillings in Chandler, AZ

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Dental cavities are a common problem that develop when bacteria attacks your enamel. Until recently, dentists used an inexpensive silver and mercury amalgam to fill and seal cavities. Because silver fillings do not bond to a tooth, a chamber must be cut into the tooth that is larger than the exterior. This "undercut" keeps the filling in the tooth. Since a larger amount of the original tooth must be removed, these types of fillings often weaken teeth. At the private dental practice of Dr. Troy Gombert in Chandler, AZ, we use tooth-colored fillings made with a composite resin to fill cavities and protect the tooth. Dr. Gombert can also take out metal fillings and apply composite resin fillings for a more reliable and more attractive cavity treatment. Unlike silver fillings, composite fillings bond to the tooth and provide more protection from fracturing. The quartz-like material is layered into the tooth and hardened with a highly intense visible light. The final surface is shaped and polished to match the tooth, making it virtually invisible to the naked eye. As a general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Gombert specializes in alleviating cavity discomfort and guarantees an aesthetically pleasing outcome. We can match the color of your teeth exactly using tooth-colored composite fillings.

Best Candidates

Composite resin tooth-colored fillings usually cover the decayed area in the tooth once it is treated by Dr. Gombert. Composite resin is a useful material that may be used to address other issues with your teeth, such as chips or excessive wear on the enamel by bruxism (teeth grinding). Since the material is tinted to blend with your teeth, fillings may be placed on the back and front teeth for a great finish. If you have amalgam fillings, talk to Dr. Gombert about getting them taken out and re-done with composite resin.

What To Expect

Receiving a tooth-colored filling is usually a simple procedure. The treatment area will be numbed to help you feel more comfortable. Stronger sedation methods may be considered for any fears or anxieties to keep you relaxed. After you're ready, the infected enamel can be cleared away using a dental drill that Dr. Gombert will choose based upon the location of the cavity and the amount of decay. Once the enamel is treated and the area is disinfected, the area will be replaced with the composite resin and set. Dr. Gombert will smooth the filling material so it matches your other teeth.


You will be able to return to your day once your tooth-colored filling is complete, but you may notice a sensitivity to cold and hot food and beverages for 1 – 3 days. You can use nonprescription pain medication to treat discomfort; however, you shouldn't experience any serious problems. If your filling seems high or uneven, please call us. Your filling should be cleaned by following a regular home care routine including daily flossing and brushing. At your annual exam, Dr. Gombert will check your filling to determine if it should be replaced or repaired.

Insurance Coverage

Composite resin fillings are a standard treatment for dental cavities that are typically covered partially by insurance. A team member will talk to your dental insurance company to understand your coverage so we can calculate your bill. If you don't have dental insurance, Dr. Gombert will discuss the payment methods we accept at your appointment, plus information on medical financing.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cavities may begin as a simple problem, but it is crucial to have them fixed before they develop into a big issue. At our practice in Chandler, AZ, tooth decay and cavities may be corrected with composite resin fillings. Dr. Gombert makes sure to match the shade of your teeth so you can have a healthy, attractive smile. If you think you or your child has tooth decay, contact us to make an exam with Dr. Gombert.

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