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Properly aligned, straight teeth aren't just beautiful, they're more comfortable and healthier. An improper bite and crooked teeth may lead to future dental problems that may be expensive to fix and painful. This is why cosmetic dentist Dr. Troy Gombert is pleased to provide Invisalign — clear, removable aligners. Made custom to fit your teeth and your unique goals, Invisalign is more comfortable and attractive than traditional metal braces because they may be taken out to make cleaning your teeth and eating easier.

Invisalign utilizes a series of clear, virtually invisible, removable aligners to gradually straighten your teeth. The aligners are made of a medical-grade, clear plastic that is practically undetectable when worn. The treatment involves changing the custom-made aligners approximately every two weeks, moving your teeth into straighter position step by step. If you're interested in having healthier teeth with the Invisalign system, make an appointment with Dr. Gombert in Chandler, AZ.

Best Candidates

There are several factors that may decide the alignment of your teeth: if you sucked your thumb, genetics, missing a tooth or teeth, and trauma to your face. Dental misalignment may cause more oral health concerns, such as a bad bite (dental malocclusion), uneven wear on the enamel, difficulty chewing and speaking, plus jaw pain and toothaches. If Dr. Gombert sees one of these issues in your annual examination, he can suggest an orthodontic procedure like Invisalign.

The Invisalign system is wonderful for both teens and adults who would like straighter, healthier teeth minus the hassle, pain, and look of braces. Even though the aligners should be in the majority of the day, Invisalign trays may be removed for cleaning your teeth and eating, plus for special occasions and physical activities. Much less obvious than traditional metal orthodontics that poke and cut your cheeks, your friends and family will typically not know that you're using your Invisalign aligners.

What To Expect

The initial Invisalign aligners will be made with impressions at our facility. When they are ready, you will come back to receive your initial trays with instructions from Dr. Gombert. You need to keep your aligners in for at least 20 hours every day for your treatment to work, ideally taking them out only for cleaning and eating. In time, you'll go to your next set of trays as they carefully shift your teeth closer to alignment. You should attend follow-ups with us about every 4 – 6 weeks to have your aligning trays assessed and to have new impressions taken so your next trays can be ordered. How long you need to use Invisalign trays could vary according to the initial condition of your teeth and your goals; however, many patients need to wear trays for around a year.


When you've reached your goals, it is crucial to stop your teeth from shifting into their original position. Vivera retainers by Invisalign are made using the same materials to keep your teeth in their new position once your Invisalign treatment is done. Every retainer is made custom at the Invisalign dental lab based on impressions taken after your orthodontic treatment is complete. Dr. Gombert will discuss with you how many hours a day you should wear your retainer, plus how to clean it after it is sent from the laboratory. Dr. Gombert will monitor the alignment of your teeth and bite during your annual examinations to make sure your teeth stay in their new place.

Insurance Coverage

Many of our patients find that part of their treatment cost is paid by insurance. Our office can determine your coverage and figure out your out-of-pocket fees. Dr. Gombert offers several methods of payment if you are not using insurance. During your consultation, Dr. Gombert will discuss an estimate of costs and how our office can help to make your Invisalign treatment affordable for you with payment plans and medical financing.

Invisalign Teeth Straightening

If you or someone in your family is curious about getting healthier, straighter teeth without the drawbacks of metal orthodontics, make an appointment with Dr. Gombert to decide if you are a candidate for Invisalign advanced teeth straightening system. He will create your unique treatment plan with Invisalign at your consultation at our Chandler, AZ office and help start you on the journey to a beautiful smile. Visit our smile gallery if you'd like to see other examples of Dr. Gombert's beautiful dentistry, including more Invisalign success stories.

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